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禁欲により丁寧に生きられる live the moment with sincere and constructive attitude with nofap


I feel controlling desire brings me sincere and constructive life attitude.  I am not talking about only nofap or controlling sexual desire, but also any desire discipline. For instance, desire for food is that. When I eat whatever I want to eat, my eating style become so random.  I do not care about ingredients. But, once I started to controlling desire for food, I feel my eating style become healthy, and my body gets healthy.

Same thing is happened for nofap.  Once starting nofap life, I get the feeling I should take care my life thing with neat feeling.  In another words, I might be able to say I can deal even small things as important things for life. I can appreciate any small good things too.

Poor english.  今日も頑張ろうぜ。いってきます。