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Scent of love. 38 years old nerd episode3 (Novel)

38 years old nerd (novel)

In April, I did not know where the smell came from. It could be from next to me. By chance, my new desk was next to the new employee.

I have almost never thought that I look forward to coming my office every morning. But, now, weirdly enough, I have some kind of expecting every morning recently. I even noticed about myself being careful what I wear. Now I put hair wax which I almost never used, and put moisturizing cream with good smell which I also never used.

The shape of her balanced and tall body might be emitting the sweet smell which makes me dream about. The smell might be illusion which my brain creates. It could be even from my body although I surely doubt my body has that good smell. However, it was surely scent of love in spring.