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38 years old nerd episode1 (Novel)

38 years old nerd (novel)

“just in case, i should not do that”

I thought so. i hadn’t done it for 60 days till yesterday, but i fapped twice yesterday.

there was not so strong desire yesterday, but why did i do that? maybe i just wanted to release my stress or something.  but actually, when i started to watch porn, huge excitement waved me in.

Me, Shinji, is 38 years old nerd, btw im not a “38 years old virgin”.  im married even though i myself admit im nerdy.  when i was a teenager, i was thinking being a nerd was a big problem for making gf or marriage, but as many grown people know, being nerd is not a big problem for them.  As many know, nerd guys sometimes earn lots of money and successful. After getting out teen, appearance and those nerdy matter wont be a big issue for relationship.

Anyway, I am not a no-Fapper for marriage since I am already married.  Then, again, why have I been avoiding fapping?  I guess I am expecting through no fapping, my life might be more fruitful, but I dont deny “the fuits” might include some love related things.

Well, going back to the begging, maybe I thought “I should not do that” because a new female employee is coming to our section next week, and I as a senior worker, I should greet her on her very first day and the very first moment in this office.

Moreover, I have seen her picture beforehand, and I know she might be beautiful.