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禁欲中の早起きが最高の心持ち Great morning feeling in NOFAP life


I like waking up early when I try nofap.  As many of you guys say, we do not have to sleep as long as when we do FAP routinely.  I can wake up early naturally, but of course we get to try to  go to bed early. Dont worry, man.  I guess it is not so hard to go to bed early if you keep nofap life style. I wrote it yesterday, but when we do noFAP, we can have good mindset that we try to keep good life routine in terms of sleep, food, exercise, and even thinking way.

Anyway, waking up early with full tank of precious sperm is awesome.  Morning sunshine is sooo comfortable(our body can create serotonin. hooya). Morning wood makes us confident.  I did not know it is called as morning wood.  reasonable naming. Morning coffee taste awesome, and the caffeine wakes up my body. we can work very efficiently because of that too, and I like that myself who concentrate working with hyper feeling.

Today, I woke up 4AM. (last night, I went to bed 10PM) not bad.  I actually feel 6hours sleep is too short usually, but I feel ok when I do NOFAP.



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