ep6. 38 years old nerd (novel)

38 years old nerd (novel)

I thought I could love only my wife in my whole life.  When I started going out with her and when I married her, I really thought so. I promised her and myself so. and I thought it is very easy for me.

but my wife who was my gf at the time said to me,

“Nothing is absolute. Especially I do not trust human emotion and love.”

Now, I am facing on that. I love my wife. I want to make her happy. I do not want to ruin our marriage. but I had not known that we cannot control our feeling.

When ppl attracted by others, it is not their decision as many says.

human is sad. we are looking forward pure love in our reason, but our body is an animal.

We want to love only one person only one soulmate, then some of us notice that we are not that existence.