ep5. 38 years old nerd (novel)

38 years old nerd (novel)

I decided to work harder. I decided to restart training muscle and exercise. I decided to care about my appearance. I decided to live harder.

Every moment, I could not stop thinking about her.  When I am working, I was feeling her next to me every moment. I felt her smell.  I felt her existence. I figured out my feeling getting bigger and stronger day by day.

I felt this feeling might be bad to my wife, but I could not control it. I was surely attracted by her and could not control my emotion. It was only emotional, so I said myself that this is not problem at all for my marriage.

One day we are working overtime, and the leaving time was the same. I naturally asked to eat out together.

When we are eating I keep on feeling any parts of her face n body is beautiful. She was really beautiful. I felt her beautiful mind came out to her appearance.

I know I am so into her.