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欲望の高まりが好きだ I like desire coming up!


I like the feeling when my desire is flooding up.  Because I feel that is some kind of proof that my energy is high.  I simply like to bear the desire too. I am not talking about sexual desire.  Having desire is proof of health.

Basically, I do not gave strong desire for materials.  I am not a material girl, but I like the song “material girl” btw.

When people have strong desire for anything, it can be a motivation to do action to achieve something.  Desire drive us crazy, but it is necessary for sure, so I don choose the way to reduce my desire for no-fap life. Some take those method to reduce their desire by drinking soy milk for instances to keep no FAP, but I feel it is もったいない。

I like the feeling desire makes me crazy. I wish desire makes me crazy. We need craziness to achieve something special in this world.  Always crazy ppl change this world in good meaning.

Today, I feel calm in terms of sexual desire compared with yesterday.  I dont know why. I wanna know why. I havent lost my curiosity for the world.  Desire makes me curious for ppl and for the world, and it is a good sign for me.