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38 years old nerd episode2 (Novel)

38 years old nerd (novel)

At the first moment, when I saw her in the office, I might be nervous. Why did I get to be nervous?   I do not know.  Whenever I face on girls, I tend to be nervous. This has been more than 25 years phenomenon for me, so I get used to it, but I havent used to be facing girls.

I guess I am conscious with myself too much. In another words, I am a pretender.  A nerdy pretender for a cool guy.  I strongly remember that one girl asked me “Are you trying to speak with low voice on purpose?”  I was so embarrassed at the moment since I thought she noticed I am such a pretender.

Well, going back to the story, even though I must have thought she was beautiful at the first sight, I do not remember her face exactly.  I feel I am the person who cannot remember faces which I feel beautiful.  On the other hand, I clearly remember she has a good body frame. Contrasted with my short and small frame for man, she has a model liked beautiful body frame. Her shoulder is kind of wide for woman like a swimmer and her legs are long.  I thought she might be taller than my height 170cm.